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Valentine's Day Event
By Zef February 08, 2018

The Valentines day event has been release including three new items! Go kill Handsome Terry to find out what they are! As well there will be a 20% sale with the event. The event will end on the 28th of this month. SO you should have plenty of time to obtain the new items :) Enjoy!

Vote Passed
By Zef January 27, 2018

As you can see from the poll the vote for the new class specific weapons has passed.

We have begun working on them and will release them as soon as we can there will be a lot of testing and many items to create, so it may take a while but they will come.

In the meantime we are going to try to release some content before then in the form of new farmable bags that have stats on them. We will keep you guys posted on how this project is going as well (it should be released fairly soon).

Also due to the recent security breaches we have tightened our grip on our data and implemented new anti-hack measures you are strongly urged to change your password(s) via the account panel.

New Weapon System
By Zef January 24, 2018

I want to implement a new weapon system where every class has their own specific weapons and progress with them from the start of the game.

The system will work slightly like the Artifact Legion Weapons in that they will get more abilities and such the higher you upgrade and the upgrades will not have a max level. This will also make it much easier to balance classes and buff some of the less played ones to make them more viable.

I have started a poll here --> www.strawpoll.me/14914447.

I will be taking the vote for the next 72 hours then will decide from there whether we will pursue this idea or not.

Thank you :)

The IP Lock has been lifted
By Zef January 21, 2018

As the title states everyone's ip locks have been removed and can log in on their own now, I highly recommend changing your password before logging back in, though.

New Site
By Zef January 20, 2018

We are currently switching to a new site as you can see, I will be adding features and data back as quickly as I can so bare with me, please and thank you. :)
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